Blood Buddhas is a documentary film on reparation of ancient Indian antiquities from across the world. The film follows India Pride Project in their quest to bring India’s stolen Gods home. Blood Buddhas is shot in India, Singapore, UK and US and features         Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Deborah Lehr, Dominic DiGiovanni, Christopher Marinello, Anuraag Saxena & C.S Rangarajan (Head Priest Chilkur Balaji Temple).





This is the story of reparation of ancient Indian antiquities from across the world. For centuries India has lost it’s antiquities to vandalism, colonialism and to terror financing; only in 2014 onwards has the antiquities started coming back. The film is shot in 5 countries and engages with parliamentarians, bureaucrats, activists and law enforcement of these countries. 


India is one of the oldest civilisation and its’ antiquities are the prized possessions of Museums across the Globe. In fact, there are more Indian antiquities in foreign Museums than there are in India. For the longest time the world brushed aside this inconsistency and marvelled at Colonial Heritage items littered across Foreign Museums. 


The World woke up from it’s slumber when ISIS was found to be smuggling Syrian Antiquities to fund its’ war. UNSC passed a resolution and many countries followed suit. The 1stbig success came in the form of US Homeland Security raid at a Manhattan warehouse of Indian Art Dealer Subhash Kapoor. 105 stolen Indian antiquities worth USD 100 Million were recovered. The news items raised questions on many Museums who had been conned into buying items from Mr. Kapoor. 


Two such Museums were in Australia and the government decided to return the stolen Indian faith objects back to India in 2014. That historic decision has set a precedent for other governments to do the right thing. US has offered to return 235 Indian antiquities, Germany, Canada has followed in the footsteps and the story continues. This is a Rosa Park moment in our quest for restoring antiquities in their original countries and France is leading the way by returning ‘Colonial Antiquities’ to Africa. The pressure is mounting on other colonial powers to finally repatriate looted antiquities to former colonies and there is a lot of forward movement on it. 


The film follows the activist Anuraag Saxena who runs a crowd source volunteer organisation India Pride Project to bring our Gods home. This is a unique story where expat Indians are leading the way in informing the governments of suspect antiquities and going the distance to enable the Indian government to pursue these cases. The film begins with the agony of a village temple priest who has lost his murtis to theft and ends with the amazing experience of gods coming back home.



With Sri Sri Ravishankar

QnA session @Pondy Lit Fest

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Panel Discussion @Arth A Cultural Fest


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